Monday, April 14, 2014

Mets, Citi Field Get More Family Friendly

Mets - Batting practice. Photo by Jason GreeneBy Jason Greene
NYC Dads Group

My family has a goal to visit every single Major League Baseball park and we’ve been to quite a few so far. Because my children are still young, we spend a lot of time at these games walking around and visiting the kids’ play areas. And with three children, our measure of a great ballpark is not just views of the playing field, food offerings and general ambience – it must have a great children’s section.

As I have become a connoisseur of these playgrounds, I can honestly say that our home park – the New York Mets’ Citi Field – has the nicest kids’ area of any I’ve visited.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bring the Kiddies to Meet Mr. Met, April 27

I’m willing to cut my beloved New York Mets a break on naming their April 27 “Meet and Greet Mr. Met” ticket deal a “Moms & Families” promotion for three reasons:

1) The Mets continue to make a concerted effort to be family friendly (more on that on the blog Monday, April 14).

2) We’re sure they’ll never EVER do it again (unless it’s Mother’s Day, of course) because we’ve pointed it out to them. And are mentioning it here. On a blog that promotes dads. You know, those other parents.

3) They are not the Yankees.

So what are the Mets offering ALL parents, regardless of gender, for April 27’s 1:10 p.m. game against the Marlins? 

For just $25 ($29 if you order after April 15), you receive:
  • One Field Level ticket
  • One hot dog and soft drink
  • A Mets lanyard with ticket holder
  • Exclusive pre-game photo opportunity with Mr. Met, starting at noon in the Mets CafĂ©

Kids under 12 can also run the bases after the game and the first 15,000 fans also get Mets Loom Bandz.

To order tickets for you and the family, visit
But first, listen to what happens when an English teacher in Indonesia has no lesson plan and must wing it:

-- Kevin McKeever

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Podcast Episode 14: Refuel Your Manhood with Dr. John La Puma

Bestselling author Dr. John La Puma joins us to talk about men's health and the latest medical fad created by drug companies, a diagnosis of "Low T" or low testosterone to treat common symptoms of aging. Dr. La Puma also talks about his new book, REFUEL and outlines his eating plan to shed fat, boost testosterone and pump up strength and stamina naturally.

Whit Honea joins us again at the end of the show to offer his advice for parents trying to balance healthy eating with the treats kids enjoy.

Media Referenced in this episode:

NYT Op-Ed by Dr. John La Puma, Don’t Ask Your Doctor About ‘Low T’
Dr. La Puma's website
Dr. La Puma's latest book, Refuel: A 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Pump Up Strength and Stamina, by Dr. John La Puma

For a review Refuel, check out co-host Adam Gertsacov's blog

Listen here or: 

New York Family Magazine: Five Big Truths About Fathers

5 Big Truths About Fathers - New York Family Magazine
5 Big Truths About Fathers - New York Family Magazine
The NYC Dads Group recently reached our fifth anniversary and will soon be launching a national site, City Dads Group.  A lot has happened in five years - NYC Dads Group has nearly 1,000 local members who have been to over 1,000 meetup events - everything from dad-child museum and playground outings to Dads Night out. We offer workshops including New Dad Boot Camp for the expectant dad, host monthly podcasts, and keep an active community blog highlighting diverse voices on the front lines of being a 21st Century Dad.

Matt and I reflected on our experiences, professional and personal, over the last five years, and boiled it down to five important truths we've learned about dads.  'Truth' be told, we had quite a few more than five and weren't able to include them based on space in the magazine.  Hope, it results in a part 2. We're thrilled that New York Family Magazine published our article in their April issue to share with parents across the New York area. You can read the interview and complete article here - Five Truths About Fathers- or scoop up a free copy in the turquoise drop-boxes located on street-corners throughout NYC.

What truths would you add to this list?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Teach Your Child About Fame Deserved

By Niel Vuolo
NYC Dads Group

My daughter had to do a project for Women's History Month recently. She had to choose a famous woman, find some facts about her, get a picture of her, and bring in supplies to make a paper doll of her.

These are kindergarten students, ages 5 and 6. Doesn't that seem a little advanced? When I was in kindergarten, we made things with Play-Doh and colored. Kids of that age don't watch the news, they don't read newspapers or the encyclopedia (they still make those, right?) How are they going to come up with a famous woman who has accomplished something?

Monday, April 7, 2014

9 Ways Kids Completely Change Dinnertime

9 ways mealtime changesBy Beau Coffron
San Francisco Dads Group

Eating meals used to be so simple. The hardest part about dinner used to be choosing what to eat.

Now it’s choosing whether to change your kid’s clothes to the ones that can be thrown away afterwards, or just stripping them naked to throw directly into the shower afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong. As a parent mealtime isn’t bad now, it’s just different. Kids change your life in innumerable ways. This change can be good most of the time. The rest of the time it’s … challenging. Here’s how mealtime completely changes when kids become part of your family.


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