Thursday, July 31, 2014

NYC Summer for Me and My Girl

By Christopher Persley
NYC Dads Group

A couple of summers ago, I was finishing up the second half of an intense masters in education program at Columbia. During that summer, all I could think about was being able to spend the summer with my daughter in New York City. I had that joy last summer, but with my daughter now three, there is even more to do and more for her to remember and appreciate.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Find Your Tribe: 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention

Stay-At-Home Dad? Work-At-Home Dad? Active-At-Home Dad (made that one up) . . . join us at the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in Denver, Colorado to connect with and learn from some of the best dads around the country.
Connect: First and foremost, this is a great weekend to bond with other dads that are in your shoes whether they are brand-new dads with an infant at home or seasoned veterans that have been home with their kids for 10+ years.
Learn: Through informal conversations, age-based workshops, and expert panels, this is the weekend to take parenthood to the next level. Many of these guys have been through it all and love sharing what worked and what didn't work as they navigated everything from playdates to first dates.
Re-energize: Being a dad can be tough and this weekend helps you remember why you are so committed to your kids in the first place. 
Here is the current event schedule:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cool Down at DeKovats Playground


Editor’s Note: This is part of our occasional series reviewing parks and playgrounds in the NYC area. This one is written by NYC Dads Group member Brandon Garcia,

I hate going to parks alone. It always seems like the nannies, sitters and moms always stare at me like I was just released from Riker’s.

However, DeKovats Playground, a narrow triangle between the FDR and York Avenue on Manhattan's East Side., is a breath of fresh air.

Small enough to run into familiar faces after a couple visits and enough off the beaten path to keep away from tourists.

The water fountains shooting out of the ground are a great way to cool down. My son thinks it’s hilarious to have the water shooting up his backside.

My son loves the sand pit but after witnessing a kid insanely scratching his head in the great pit of Carkoon recently I am now doing Jedi mind tricks to hold my son back from certain death by the Sarlacc.

INSIDER'S TIP: There is a hidden restroom for parkgoers inside the first set of doors entering Asphalt Green.

+ + +
BrandonGarciaBrandon Garcia decided to stay home and help with his son while his wife went back to work. He has covered the Beijing Olympics, European Championships and numerous breaking news events for the Associated Press in his career. Brandon is also an avid swimmer and snowboarder and hopes to raise his son to enjoy outdoor activities.

He originally wrote this for City Dads Group.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Virtual #CityDads Twitter MeetUp with Huffington Post Parents: Summer Activities With Our Kids

Virtual Meet-Up? Digitally bond?
Let's explain: You and your kids can stay in your air-conditioned home or participate via your mobile device in a park or playground for this meetup!  Join us over on Twitter this afternoon, Thursday, July 24 at 1:30pm EST. Help us celebrate the launch of with a meaningful chat about summer activities with your kids.
We'll be tweeting using hashtag,#CityDads, from the @NYCDadsGroup and @CityDadsGroup twitter handles and would love for you to join the conversation along with special co-host, @HuffPostParents.
HuffPost Parents have always been very supportive of our dads group so we're glad they agreed to join us as we celebrate our new City Dads Group website. Additionally, we'll be joined by all of the other awesome #CityDads Groups and parent friends across the nation: @PhillyDadsGroup, @ChicagoDadGroup, @ColumbusDads, @IndyDadsGroup, @DenverDadsGroup, @ABQDadsGroup, @ATLDadsGroup, @LADadsGroup, @SFDadsGroup, @BostonDadsGroup, @VegasDads
So, get ready to share some of your personal #CityDads activities, anecdotes, and photos to help other parents as we discuss summer activities with our kids.
See you on the Twitters!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Child Car Seat Answers at City Dads Group

car seatChild car seats and booster seats got you frustrated?

Do I need a car seat for my child when we travel by plane?

At what age can I turn the baby’s seat forward? 

How do I get this freakin’ thing installed?!

We have your answers.

Hop over to our City Dads Group site to find our guide to child car seat / booster seat safety and use. This downloadable document, created by Gregg and Darleen Jobson-Larkin, is based on a NYC Dads Group workshop led by Sarah Tilton, child passenger safety advocate manager, technician instructor and “The Car Seat Whisperer” with stroller and car seat manufacturer Britax.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Coney Island, NYC Dads Spotlighted by City Dads Group

wonder wheel coney island

The Wonder Wheel, Original Nathan’s, the Brooklyn Cyclones and more Coney Island staples are featured on NYC Dads Group member Ariel Chesler’s tribute to his native Brooklyn playground today on City Dads Group.

Coney Island for Young, Young at Heart is the first place highlighted in a weeklong series “Summer in Our City Dads Cities” that shows off some of the family-fun destinations found in the 11 U.S. cities part of the City Dads Group network.

The series is meant to help members planning to travel around the country or considering family moves, or alert those with dad friends or family located in the other areas we serve that we have City Dads Group group they can be a part of.

NYC will be in the spotlight again on City Dads Group on Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile, check City Dads Group every morning and afternoon this week for more info on our featured cities.

-- Kevin McKeever


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