Friday, May 1, 2009

Article From Boston Globe - "Inside The Baby Mind"

One of our NYC dads group members forwarded me an interesting article that was published this week in the Boston Globe, titled Inside the Baby Mind. I agree that the experience of natural beauty or being in a new city can also lead us into states of awareness so intense that the self seems to disappear. The part of the article that surprised me most was the statement, "of course, none of us have any memories of infancy. For a scientist, the baby mind can seem like an impenetrable black box." As a stay at home dad, it made me think about the fact that my son will probably have no memory or recollection of our special bonding experience together! Maybe that is why I take 1,000's of pictures or capture hours of video. At least, I will remember this amazing experience. Read about more interesting research in the Boston Globe Article. Thanks Robert for sharing this article with me.


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