Thursday, November 19, 2009

25 Ways For Dads To Change The World

I have found Jeremy Adam Smith to be an inspiration ever since he came to NYC to talk with our dads group about his recent book The Daddy Shift & the shifting role of dads being more involved in parenting. His latest creation is a weekly column for Mothering Magazine's Blog aptly titled 25 Ways For Dads To Change the World. Smith's goal is "to brief new dads on the political issues they’ll face as fathers and to suggest ways for them to stay socially engaged after parenthood."

Through this innovative blog, Smith has been passionately advocating & tackling issues most books or magazines don't want to discuss. Seven out of twenty-five topics down, eighteen more to go. I have a feeling that when Smith reaches number twenty-five, he will up the ante, and find that the ways dads can change the world will stretch him until at least fifty! So far, he has uncovered the following ways that dads can change the world:

1. Attend every prenatal class and doctors appointment

2. Take all of your paternity leave, and fight for more of it

3. Read children's books with caregiving dads

4. Help start a community group

5. Put yourself in other people's shoes

6. Walk, bike, car-share, or take the bus

7. Give your child choices

Sure, like most non-fiction books, not every chapter (or topic in this series) will capture your interest. However, Jeremy Adam Smith has a knack for selecting topics that resonate with me. Looking forward to learning about more ways that this at-home-dad can change the world!


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