Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daily Coupon Deal Websites Are The Rave With Dads

Dads like to save a buck just as much as moms.  Consequently, I am not wired to clip coupons to save $0.50 on a tube toothpaste or $1.00 if I buy three paper towel rolls instead of just one.  That is why I have been enjoying what has been happening in New York City with the daily deal emails.  Whether it's on Groupon, Doodledeals, GaggleofChicks, or one of the other new discount websites...Over the past couple of months, I have been witness (bystander) to incredible deals at most of the child friendly playspacess and parent & me venues in NYC - Gymboree, Kidville, Music For Aardvarks, Appleseeds, etc.

With winter in full swing, I suggest you sign up for one or two of these daily discount emails (yes, they clutter your inbox) to have the opportunity to quickly jump on a daily deal at one of your favorite children's venues and save some serious cash as well as provide with you with a fun-filled destination.  Or, just check our twitter feed @NYCDadsGroup every once in a while to see what we repost.  The only downside to these daily deals is that you have to make a quick decision (most deals expire within 24 hours), and if you are like me - a procrastinator - you might miss out.

For more information, check out this informative Daily Deals article from Time Out New York: Kids for a summary of six local daily discount websites.  Please disregard the note that says they are "especially geared toward moms!" - they are good for any involved parent that wants to save $.

Hey parents - Curious to hear what daily deal email provides the most savings FOR parents?


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