Thursday, January 5, 2012

How about, Beside Every Great Woman?

I'm honored to be included in this week's Business Week in an article called, Behind Every Great Woman, as more women earn high-level corporate roles, more husbands are staying home, raising the kids, and changing the rules. 

The author, Carol Hymowitz, does an excellent job highlighting benefits and consequences of the decisions that the couples along the way that made it possible for these women to soar to the pinnacle of corporate America. Like generations of male CEOs that have come before them, these women are able to focus on work while their husbands focus on home. Also like generations of male CEOs that have come before them, these women recognize the different relationships they have with their children and the fact that they miss many childhood milestones. 

I also appreciated the fact that many of the men highlighted had accomplished careers as well before they decided to stay at home, including our friend Dan Mulhern, the former First Gentleman of Michigan. Again, we see partners making decisions that work for their families.

One suggestion . . . perhaps the title should be "Beside Every Great Woman" to truly highlight the mutual respect and gratitude the couples have for each other. 

Cheers to Business Week for giving us a look inside the lives of these great partners!


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