Thursday, May 10, 2012

Raising the Bar for Dads in Advertising

Over the years, we've been accused of not having a sense of humor when it comes to how dads are portrayed in popular culture. We're supposed to laugh when a dad is shown using duct tape to put on a diaper or when he looks at the vacuum in terror because he has no idea how to use it. Plus, moms love seeing dads struggle through women's work, right? Right?

We continue to make two points. First, it is not appealing to mothers or fathers to portray dads as buffoons. I'll venture to say that most moms would love to have a caring, capable, and confident partner and would certainly like to see that be the standard fathers are being held to in life, and on TV.

Second, humor doesn't need to come at the expense of dads. There are plenty of funny moments in every day life that both moms and dads are going through without resorting to an outdated stereotype. To that point, we were happy to see this video from our new friends at Huggies, the sponsors of our Dads Lounge at the New York Baby Show. The video features husband and wife David and Leigh Koechner, two L.A. comedians who you will certainly recognize:


Cheers to Huggies, David, and Leigh for raising the bar on how to get a laugh when it comes to parenthood.


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