Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Play-by-Play on Fatherhood: A Conversation with Doug Flutie

Last month, several members of the NYC Dads Group had the opportunity to attend the Play-by-Play on Fatherhood Event with Doug Flutie sponsored by +Dad 2.0 Summit and Dove Men+Care at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Dove team flew in some of the most prominent thinkers and and writers about all things dad to join Doug Flutie for a conversation about his role as a father, his contribution to a new portrayal of fathers in the media, and how he approached balancing a busy football schedule with parenthood. Here's the conversation in it's entirety, take a look:

This conversation was part of the launch of Dove Men+Care's new series of commercials in their Journey to Comfort campaign. Dove has always featured prominent athletes talking about their "Journey to Comfort," but these ads with Doug Flutie and John Elway are the first where they've highlighted athletes talking about themselves as fathers. We shared John Elway's ad last week, here's the ad with Doug Flutie in which he reveals the reason he let his daughter's paint his fingernails!

We love celebrating brands that are celebrating dads, and it's been an honor to have Dove Men+Care sponsor this series of posts. We look forward to seeing what they've got up their sleeves in 2013!

Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite college football party "Aftermath" picture in Dove Men+Care's Journey to Comfort Fan Bowl for a chance to win AN AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL OR A $50 NCAA® GIFT CARD INSTANTLY! Click here to vote. Voting ends tomorrow, December 20 at 12PM ET.


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